Scenes around East Challow
Scenes around East Challow
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Hedge Planting

The Challows and Childrey Hedgerow Group now has two dates for planting a new hedge along the southern stretch of Silver Lane in West Challow.

The dates are November 26th and January 13th. We will start with coffee at West Challow Village Hall and end with cake and tea.


If you are interested in being involved please contact me:
Paul Barrow 07557 953862


This hedge will be the first of several which we hope to plant in our three parishes over the next few years to try and restore the local landscape to how it used to be 50 years ago and to encourage birds and other wildlife.

Hedgerows are tremendously valuable as links in the landscape connecting areas of wildlife habitat. As well as providing refuges for a great range of species they have an important role in counteracting the effects of the climate emergency by locking up carbon dioxide in their leaves and roots. With your help we can begin to enhance the natural environment of our three parishes and we hope you will join us.

East Challow Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Passed 4th May 2023

Our litter mapping project

Could you take part in our survey?

We want to know more about the litter that community litter pickers collect so we can target the worst areas and keep them cleaner for longer. If you do litter picking then it would be great if you could help us. We have an easy-to-follow record sheet to document the location and type of litter. This will go into our litter mapping project. Or you can use our online survey while you are on the litter pick (details at the bottom of the page).

What you will need to take part

  • A hi-viz jacket
  • A litter picker and/or gloves
  • A bag
  • A record sheet (see below)
  • A pen/pencil
  • Mobile phone or watch (to keep track of how long you are out for)

Ideally each survey should take place over a one hour period (although this can be divided up into shorter times if done in the same week)

Useful items to have with you:

  • A map or GPS device
  • A mobile phone (in case of emergencies)
  • A camera/mobile phone
  • A coat, hat and sunscreen – depending on the weather


  • Always let someone know where you will be or do the survey with someone else.
  • Stick to public land and stay away from busy roads with speed limits over 50mph.
  • All children must be supervised.
  • Cover any open cuts and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Look out for sharp objects eg broken glass. If you come across any needles please leave them where they are and report their location to Biffa (number below)
  • ·Do not try to lift or move any large items such as tyres or car parts. These should be left where they are and again report to Biffa.

To contact our waste contractor Biffa please call 03000 610610.

When you have finished your litter pick

Please make sure that you send your information to us

You can use the digital questionnaire using the link below

Or send by post to

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Council Waste Team, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SB

Any queries please contact us at with the subject ‘Litter mapping Project’

Contact us - Waste team

01235 422146
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

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Joint Local Plan 2041

We’d like your views on our new Joint Local Plan

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have come together to work on a new Joint Local Plan which will guide the kinds of new housing and jobs needed and where they should go, informing planning application decisions for the districts. 

To start, we want to hear your thoughts on the main issues facing our districts and how we could use the Joint Local Plan to address them.

You can comment on our Joint Local Plan Issues consultation from Thursday 12 May until 11.59pm on Thursday 23 June 2022.

Citizens Advice Oxfordshire South and Vale has issued a press release providing tips for handling the cost of living crisis.

Coping with inflation Feb 2022 (1).docx
Microsoft Word document [15.5 KB]
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Contact us:

East Challow Parish Council

07774 405 472


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